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Jeff Armstrong

Age: 57

Cutting since: 1986

Hometown: Houston, TX

Hobbies: Bridge, Reading

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Dick Stempfley

Age: 67

Cutting since: 2002

Hometown: Hamilton, Ohio

Hobbies: Spinning vinyl, Listening to music

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Sam Cisnero

Age: 38

Cutting since: 2006

Hometown: Houston,TX

Hobbies: Cycling, Appreciating Houstons ecelctic restaurant culture
Sam specializes in Detailed Fades

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Don Willis

Age: 85

Cutting since: 1970

Hometown: Leesville, LA

Hobbies: Church, Collects clocks and watches

Leonard Morgan

Age: 81

Cutting since: 1958

Hometown: Baytown, TX

Hobbies: Church, Softball

Irene Sifuentes

Age: 46

Cutting since: 2006

Hometown: San Luis, Mexico

Hobbies: Playing Video Games and Reading
Se habla Español

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Dick Stempfley
Don Willis
Leonard Morgan
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